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Happy Friday, everyone! Kick up your feet and click through some links to start your weekend off right.

We love Carly (above).  Her sass, wit, and smarts are a breath of fresh air.  Check out her hilarious video about ‘How To Be Cute.

We kind of love bringing two of our favorite things together… fashion & food. And it’s not what you think!

Sweeden’s “Real Size” Mannequins have gone viral! (Of course, all bodies are real bodies – we love when all body types are represented!)

These vintage wedding veils are to die for.

Ugly Girls on Bicycles is a piece on how mobility is awesome for women. Duh.
“Many suffragettes rode bicycles, and women-only clubs, such as the Unique Cycling Club of Detroit (founded in 1894, and run from the same plush clubhouse as the Detroit Wheelmen), helped foster a growing sense of what would be described later as “sisterhood”. This particular club was perfectly respectable – the chairwoman was married to the chairman of the Detroit Wheelmen – but bicycling, as a force for social change, was also at the forefront of a different kind of female emancipation. Lesbians of the 1890s latched on to cycling as an activity blissfully in tune with their radical sensibilities.”

Where do you guys think the line between chivalry and sexism is? Do we need to eradicate chivalry to be equal? Take a look at Being Chivalrous does Not Make Me Sexist & get back to us.

Here at Karina we love powerful women so we adored this interview with Ping Fu, CEO of Geomatic & rockstar in the tech industry.

We are 100% DONE with winter & we’re swooning over these ocean views to make up for it.

Laughs abound. 9 Ways to Guarantee Your Road Trip Won’t Suck.

If you don’t want to spend your whole vacation driving around, here’s a guide to enjoying your time at a resort. Not that it’s difficult.

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