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Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador: Michelle Icard of ‘Michelle in the Middle’

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our newest brand ambassador, Michelle Icard, curriculum creator and savior to middle schoolers (and their parents) all over the country.  Michelle is creator of the social leadership curriculum Athena’s Path (for girls) and  Hero’s Pursuit (for boys). For the past ten years sh’es been guiding kids, their caring parents, and innovative schools through the complex middle school years.

Really, she’s here to help.  In addition to curriculum that you can bring to your school, she hosts monthly mom Meetups, provides cool summer camps for middle schoolers, conducts coaching for kids and moms by Skype and provides periodic mother-daughter conferences.

Keep an eye out for Michelle’s monthly contributions here at The Karina Chronicles, on the topics of parenting and mother/daughter relationships.  Want to know more? Follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Welcome to Karina Nation, Michelle!  W’e’re so glad to have you.

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