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Karina Chronicles

Clickity Click!

Spring has finally sprung here in NYC!  We’re watching for blooming trees and optimistically putting away our winter coats.

A few fun links to peruse while we crack our windows! 

We love all six feet of Gracie (above) at Fashion For Giants.

Fun!  ‘Ogooglebar’ and 14 other Swedish words that we should incorporate into English immediately
4. Nomofob, n. 
Definition: A person who feels anxious at the very thought of being separated from his or her mobile phone. (Adapted from the clunky English “no mobile phone phobia.”) 
Used in an English sentence: “I’d love to go swimming, but I can’t be in the water for very long — I’m sort of a nomofob.”

This looks delicious: Coconut Curry and Chickpea Noodle Soup and this Beet and Goat Cheese Hummus looks great, too!

Take note: The Dos and Don’ts of Proposing 

A great reality check for the next time you accidentally delete …anything.
My ideas–well over 200 notes, written to myself in various moments of inspiration–weren’t physically present, but it was okay. I had created these thoughts. I could create more. The notes in my digital archives were lost to time, but the act of taking the time to write them down in the first place was not lost. You can’t erase showing up every day, even if the product disappears.

A super stylish 500-square-foot apartment: for a family of four!

Welp, this outfit is adorable.

It looks like Cyn’s trip to Barcelona was amaaaaazing!

Beige looks anything but boring on Weesha!

Have you ever committed the crime of outshining?
Part of my healing process has been to surround myself with circles of women who want me to be big, who want me to shine, who want me to be the best version of me. They want this because it inspires them, it lifts them up, it gives them permission to be big as well. They want this because they know that keeping me tethered keeps them tethered too. 

Can you accept your body while still wanting to lose weight?

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