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Hello link lovers! Here is the latest round up of things to capture your heart and imagination…

Spring is the perfect time to wear colors that pop and and style blog Grown and Curvy Woman (above) shows you just how to work it!

Speaking of spring, here is a handy guide to dressing for the season.

Here at Karina we believe in self-love and acceptance – so we just had to share this touching story about loving your body.

“When I blow dry my hair after a shower, I look at my body in the mirror, and the familiar internal conversation begins. First there is the still present feeling of surprise. That’s me? Then comes the uncontrollable feeling of disgust constricting my throat. But on its heels the thought: wait a minute, these scars are sacred, they represent one of the most significant stories within my story, something I don’t want to forget, and there, right there is evidence of my own rebirth into something more.”

Still loving your denim jacket, but not sure how to wear it? This handy guide shows you how to wear one of your favorite wardrobe staples all year-round.

Here’s something to brighten your day! What did Angela Trimbur do when she was feeling a bit down? She treated the travelers of LAX to her spirited dancing! Watch the video… 

Ponies in cardigans? Why not! Take a look at this adorable tourism campaign by Visit Scotland.

Who are these brave women and why are they wearing electric pink saris? Click here to read about India’s Pink Vigilantes.

If you’ve heard the controversy about Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, you might like to read this article: Sheryl Sandberg isn’t the perfect feminist. So what?

If you’ve always wanted to be an opera singer, clothes designer or airline pilot, it’s never too late to follow your dreams. This article proves why.

Here’s something to take note of before Monday rolls around: Eight things to never say at work. 

And lastly, have you joined Pose yet? It’s a great way to find fashion inspiration on-the-run!

Have a great weekend!

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