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Karina Chronicles

Frockstar™: Kat Leonard of Kat Leonard Music

Name: Kat Leonard

Age: Old enough to know better and young enough to do it anyway!
Location: Toronto

Online homes: Twitter // Website // Youtube // Facebook

Favorite Karina dress: I don’t own a Karina dress, but by sight my faves are Ruby, Rita, and Clara.

How you know Karina: Twitter!

 What are your everyday must-reads, online or off? 
My only must-reads are my email and Twitter feeds.  Through that I sift through many blogs.  I enjoy blogs that use words and/or images to share humour, inspiration and/or tips.  One I find usually has all of the above isLifehacker.

Tell us about Wonderfest.
WonderFest is a weeklong celebration during International Women’s Week March 4-8, 2013 in Toronto.  It aims to spread empowerment through art. We have four free workshops and two concerts involving approximately 50 wonder women and super men of varied media.  With WonderFest, we at LMG Productions (Executive Producer Arlene Paculan and Artistic Director Kat Leonard) hope to provide a valuable wealth of resources, education and encouragement, a place for every individual to connect, cultivate and celebrate.  More info on our website: WonderWomenWorld

We currently have an online campaign leading up to WonderFest where we’re spreading empowerment through art… one word at a time.  We are asking individuals to choose a word that represents empowerment to them, take a picture with that word and Tweet to @LMGProductions  More detailed instructions here: Spreading empowerment through art.

 What do you hope to accomplish through your work? 
Through my work I hope to share with others a hardy laugh, a wink of common truth and a spark of motivation.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say? Eat the chips if you want the chips. Leave the chips if you don’t want the chips. Play sports to become fit instead of waiting to be fit to play sports.  It is your responsibility to let your light shine and not to stifle it for fear of casting shadows. Focus on what can go right.  What’s most important is what you do today.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
In the morning—but not too early morning: Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter is dripping off a cheese Oakrun English muffin twice toasted… when it’s done, I lick the drops of peanut butter off the plate… a mug full of at least 20 ounces of hot amber-coloured coffee warms my hands as I cradle it while pondering… sitting in my comfy red chair by the big front window with joyful sunlight beaming in and infusing me with hope for the day.  It’s quiet but for a few delightful birds at the feeders outside.  They sing and never squawk.

In the afternoon: Reading a scrumptious book of adventure riddled with gorgeous language and wit… still basking in that joyful sunlight while a fresh-scented candle with a wooden wick crackles in the background.  A bag of Zesty Cheese Doritos is at my side.

Later in the afternoon: Exploring creative expression on my own or with a co-conspirator writing, recording or editing music, words, and/or video.

In the eve: Pizza for dinner—well-done, extra sweet sauce, pepperoni, bacon, roasted garlic, pineapple, basil, more bacon.

Performing in a live show where I get to play a 20-minute set for a worthy cause on the same bill as k.d. lang, Madonna, Jann Arden, Lady Gaga and The Dan Band.  The night is filled with friends new and old whirling in revelry of laughter and dancing.  There would be beer too.

Johnny Depp kisses me out of nowhere.  Obviously I kiss him back, because I wouldn’t want to seem ungrateful.

As the day ends: I am snuggled in bed watching a clever TV series back to back (will accept the likes of Game Of Thrones, Flight of the Conchords, Golden Girls, anything Ricky Gervais/Steven Merchant) while getting my head rubbed.  I drift easily into a lengthy sweet sleep while promising myself that tomorrow I will eat healthy and work out.

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