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The Rita and Megan + Rosie and Michelle on ‘Charlotte Today’!

If you follow our Frockstars™and Brand Ambassadors, you know we’ve got great taste in women.  Last week, Michelle and Rosie stopped by Charlotte Today to discuss strategies for parenting tweens.  They covered why middle school is such a critical time in the development of our children and in our relationship with them, and shared a few parenting approaches with viewers.

Specifically, Michelle and Rose encouraged parents to: 

1.  Help their children find a passion so that their esteem can from what they do and not how they look.

2.  Watch their body language.  Young people are still developing cognitively and if you have a furrowed brow and concerned face, they think you are mad.  Have as relaxed a face as possible when talking to your child.

3.  Watch your language about bodies.  Don’t talk badly about your child’s body, your own body, or anyone else bodies.  It teaches young people that bodies are up for grabs and increases body image anxiety.

4.  Stop solving their children’s problems for them and instead guide them in figuring out to solve their own problems.

Wearing the Rita and Megan, both ladies looked great!

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