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Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador: Lynne of ‘The Good Will Hunting Paralegal’

We’re so excited to introduce a new brand ambassador, Lynne of ‘The Good Will Hunting Paralegal’!

Lynne works for a civil rights law firm as a senior paralegal (that does not mean she’s the oldest staffer there), specializing mostly in immigration law. She is married to The Absent-Minded Professor, and is mom to three daughters, two dogs, and two cats. She started out irreverently blogging about paralegal news, hoping to attract the attention of the ABA Journal, and someday get hired as its intrepid paralegal reporter. When the ABA Journal apparently wasn’t amused or hiring intrepid paralegal reporters – and she noticed her posts about budget career dressing were getting the most readers – she abandoned the news and posted pics of what she was wearing instead.

As a style blogger, Lynne has sort of learned how to use a fancier camera, been yelled at in parking lots while taking outfit pictures, and been subject to a false Yelp profile that said she worked as a pole dancer. While Lynne would like to try that pole dancing workout craze, she’s more of a Zumba gal. But she has also made friends with other style bloggers all over the world, and has learned to yell back in parking lots.

Lynne will be posting the thoughts of a 50+ style blogger, working gal (not that kind), and budget career dresser to the blog. And if you really want to know what a middle-aged paralegal is thinking about at any given moment, you can follow her on Twitter.

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