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Hello, hello! It’s time to kick your feet up, sit back and relax with our favorite links for the week.

First up, want to wear more color at work? Kendra’s Closet Confections shows us how it’s done!

If you like the Hair Romance blog you’ll love Christina’s new sites, Nail Romance and Mr and Mrs Romance.

Dealing with change and not sure how to pick up the pieces? Watch Michelle Phan’s guide to starting over.

If you need a little inspiration in your day, take a look at these 50 things to stop doing forever.

We love a good fashion read – and here are 5 of the best!

Need some BIG motivation? Here are seven videos that will stop you ever saying “I can’t”.

We love this article about why your thirties are do-or-die.

“What’s going on, I think, is the path-diverging choices that come with growing up. The thirties aren’t wildly different from your twenties, except for the part where the stakes feel so much higher. The carefree feeling of going out every night is replaced with a nagging voice that now reminds you of the repercussions, of what you should really be doing instead, and of the choices that may be slipping away, whether they are career, family, or fun. You are suddenly, irrevocably unable to waste time in the same way without chastising yourself.”

Here’s something to get you thinking this Friday: Check out The Masks We Wear – a photo series from The Atlantic.

“We wear masks for many reasons: for fun, for protection, or to make a statement. In turbulent public settings, obscuring one’s face can protect an individual from retaliation while evoking fear and uncertainty in others.”

If you haven’t seen Amanda De Cadenet’s new television series The Conversation yet, you’re missing out! Check out these snippets from Diane Von Furstenberg and Zoe Saldana.

Just for a little something different, here’s an interesting article about why it’s OK to not love your body. Trust us, it’s worth a read.

“The inherent problem within the body loving mentality is that if you don’t “love your body” (or attempt to make strides toward doing so), then there’s something wrong with you. It inadvertently creates another standard that women are held against, and doesn’t actually solve any of the underlying problems in regards to women, sexism and beauty work. If I call myself ugly (which is my attempt to step away from beauty work) then people think I have self-esteem problems, or experiencing some other form of deep suffering. Women often make it a requirement that you like your body, or else you’ll never know any kind of sustainable happiness.”

And lastly, if you need some fresh reading material on your daily commute, you might find some in this lovely new lifestyle magazine.

That’s it from us this week – have a great day!

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