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Karina Chronicles

Helen + Josie at The JUNO Awards!

The day before I headed out to the JUNO awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy’s) a package arrived in the mail
. I got my nomination for Best Children’s Album for my CD Always Be A Unicorn back in February and the first question everyone asked me was ‘Who are you wearing on the red carpet? I had no idea. I do love clothes but have never really noticed labels so my answer is usually ‘I dunno.’ A little lame. My friends told my that as long as I didn’t wear Uggs or a beanie hat (my usual attire) that it was all good. 

When I opened the package I was so happy to see that it was my lovely new Karina dress and even though I had already chosen my three outfits for the various receptions, dinners, awards etc. I decided, as it didn’t take up much room, to put it in my suitcase at the last minute… just in case.

I am a fan of 60s style dresses but always gravitate back to black. I can be a little safe in my clothing choices. I live on an island off Vancouver where no one really cares how you dress which I find quite freeing after my years in London, UK. So my choices for the events were all variations on the 60s black dress with boots.

After a couple of evenings wearing my little black dresses I was a little tired of playing it safe. The Karina dress I chose was a Josie in bold colours and I was feeling the need for a little colour. I tried it on with my favourite boots and it looked fabulous and was really comfortable which is so important when you’re sitting through a four hour award show!

I loved walking the red carpet in the dress and one of the officials even said that I looked too young to be a nominee… which every woman wants to hear :)

Choosing this dress was a great move because I got SO many compliments about it and best of all I felt really great wearing it :)

photo via the The Windsor Star 

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