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Time to grab your self a cup of tea and relax – it’s Friday, so we’ve brought you our link roundup for the week!

We love the beautiful Desiree (above) and on her blog Pull Your Socks Up, she proves that age is no barrier to style!

Have you heard of the amazing Sera Beak? Here’s a great video from her about how to activate your feminine soul.

Hmm, are you guilty of getting a little judgey? This article explains how style judgment goes both ways.

“Older women critiquing younger women’s appearances is perhaps rooted in the idea that if a young woman looks somehow inappropriate or ridiculous, she will never attract a nice partner or spouse.”

Ladies, always stay safe! If you’re planning on traveling soon, here’s a handy guide of where to avoid.

Struggling with the blues? Read these 22 things happy people do differently.

In this post, the ever-inspirational Jess Lively talks about how to deal with imitations.

It might be time to redefine success – this article is a real eye-opener.

“She also claimed, this young woman, that Harvard students take their sense of self-efficacy out into the world and become, as she put it, “innovative.” But when I asked her what she meant by innovative, the only example she could come up with was “being CEO of a Fortune 500.” That’s not innovative, I told her, that’s just successful, and successful according to a very narrow definition of success. True innovation means using your imagination, exercising the capacity to envision new possibilities.”

We love this fresh take on so-called “fake” women and why reinvention is necessary.

Read this tongue-in-cheek post about why people love New York City. Spot on!

Are you guilty of pouting? The reason fashionistas frown and why the smile should come back in style.

Here at Karina we believe fashion is all about feeling good – so we love this article about finding empowerment in your wardrobe.

Afraid of change? This article provides a helpful guide for how to handle it with grace.

And with that, we’re signing out. Have a fantastic weekend!

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