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Karina Chronicles

Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador: Laura Parker Roerden of ‘Ocean Matters’

We’re adding yet another smart + interesting lady to our roster of Brand Ambassadors!  Laura Parker Roerden will be telling us about all things ‘green’ with a side dish of holistic and organic ideas for living a life that’s healthy for your body and healthy for our earth.

Laura writes, consults, and speaks about kids’ connection to themselves, each other, and the earth. She directs Ocean Matters, a nonprofit that brings young people ages 15+ to perform service projects on scuba to help save threatened marine resources.  “Ocean Matters is to the ocean what Habitat for Humanity is for people. The projects are three to five weeks long and grueling and require the young people to give so much of themselves. But in the end, it’s how the experience changes us and how we fall in love with the idea of being useful in the world that really makes the lasting impression.” Laura explains. “And so while we talk about saving the ocean and our wild things in the Ocean Matters; it’s really so often the other way around.”

Laura has also consulted to many different educational outreach projects that speak to young people’s hearts, bodies, and minds including the school bullying prevention project Operation Respect founded by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary; Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pop campaigns; and projects by the National Basketball Associations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Pokemon USA to name a few. She’s serious about peace; believes good food can connects us to ourselves, the earth and each other; and thinks today’s young people are reason to be hopeful about the many environmental problems facing us.

She lives on a fifth generation family farm in Massachusetts with her husband, three boys, and an assortment of fruit trees and farm animals.

Isn’t she a perfect fit for Karina Nation?!  Welcome, Laura!  We’re so glad you’re on board.  

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