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Karina Chronicles

Frockstar™: Sarah Feinbloom of ‘Sarafina Productions’

Name: Sarah Feinbloom
Age: 47
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Online homes: facebook // website // indiegogo

Favorite Karina dress:

How you know Karina?
My friends are all talking about her figure celebrating fashion!

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
The New Yorker, and People Magazine – because I’m planning for my future red carpet photo shoot extravaganza!

You create documentaries and films about social causes. What cause is close to your heart at the moment?
Our company,, has been making documentaries about many important causes for the last 20 years. Right now we’re thinking a lot about women, water and the environment, and the importance of including women’s voices on the local, national and international level regarding water policy and the environment.

Our current documentary project, Water Woman, tells the inspiring story of a sustainable agro-forestry community project in Trinidad, West Indies, called Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project. Led by a charismatic Rastafarian woman, Akilah Jaramogi, Fondes Amandes community members act as stewards of the forests and waters on 150 acres and have replanted 60,000 seedlings over the past thirty years. The community is regularly visited by international dignitaries and Akilah is heralded as the Wangari Maathai of Trinidad. Our short film will chronicle the story of Akilah, the Fondes Amandes villagers, and their remarkable achievements, serving as an educational, activist and inspirational tool for students, educators, NGOs and other communities worldwide.

How can people get involved and help?
There are so many ways to get involved in the Water Woman project. Here are just a few:

* Buy one of the Karina dresses that they have so generously donated to our campaign.

* Like our Facebook page and/or post about our project on your own Facebook page and let you’re friends know about it too.

* Tell us how you conserve water, share your water conservation tips with us.

* Consider making a small (or large) donation to our Indiegogo campaign to support our editing of the film.

* Join our team as a producer, find out more on our Indiegogo page.

* Connect us with environmental organizations that you belong to.

* Share ideas where we can show the film when it’s finished.

* Sign up to host a screening event for those who care about women and water in your area, perhaps for a local community or religious group.

·Or contact us directly to talk about your ideas, we’re always open to great ideas!

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
Eat! Be outside! Move your body! And love your curves!

Your perfect day. What would it look like?
A day filled with creativity, community, beauty, dancing and music sounds pretty perfect to me.

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