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Karina Chronicles

The Megan Dress + Simply Creative Jewelry

Lynne DeVenny is a senior paralegal at a civil rights law firm in North Carolina.  She is a nationally recognized writer, speaker and advocate for the paralegal profession. She’s also a wife, mother, a Karina Dresses brand ambassador, and occasional fashion blogger at The Good Will Hunting Paralegal.  You can follow her adventures on Pinterest and Twitter as well!

My Karina Dresses are my absolute faves for simple but chic dressing. I can throw one over my head and consider myself ready for anything.

Today I’m pairing my 1940s inspired Megan dress from Karina Dresses with a beautiful necklace courtesy of my talented and stylish friend Suzanne Carillo, an artist who creates stunning jewelry and witty printable art, available through her Etsy shop, Simply Creative. I love how Suzanne’s necklace adds a three dimensional sparkle to the rich floral print of the dress. Suzanne also shares her incredible fashion sense at her blog, Style Files.

This necklace, Twilight Sparkle, is a gorgeous eclectic mix of a vintage silver metal rose brooch, handmade satin and fabric flowers with blue faceted beads.  Suzanne picked up the vintage brooch from a vintage clothing show about three months ago. It reminded her of the kind her grandmother used to wear on Sundays for church.  Don’t they pair nicely?  A match made in heaven, you could say 



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