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Karina Chronicles

Generations of Style

My whole life I was told how I “looked exactly” like my mother. The childish response was always a snort and a curt denial. I was nothing like her. I was a rebel, a romantic, a genius. And she was, well, just “mom.” I felt it to be an insult to be told that I resembled her, and oddly or not, I really, just didn’t see it.

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20, and well into the bloom of adulthood, I  can now peer into the bathroom mirror and see with my own eyes, the reflection of my mother. Our eyes wrinkle the same way when we laugh, we possess the same toothy grin. We even share certain mannerisms: the way we cross our legs, nervously wring our hands, or jerk the head back in a loud cackle of laughter. So, yes. I know. I look JUST like my mother.

It has taken me nearly 4 1/2 decades to appreciate this. When I see my now 72 year old mother savor her life, planning  her various trips and adventures, learning to use the computer and joyriding across the interwebs (she’s now an avid user of social media; she’s hooked on Facebook, and has even has started her own twitter account), and take up new hobbies, I am so proud of her and her incessant joie de vivre. She can even teach me a thing or two about exploring indie culture – my mom is a 5 year veteran/attendee to Burning Man, something this 47 year old has yet to do. Her love of bright colors and bold dress statements is something I’ve inherited, and I’ve not only come to terms with this, I’ve finally learned to relish it.

My first fashion influence was my mother. So to celebrate Mother’s Day, and her recent visit, I decided that we should dress up and pose together for a Mother Daughter portrait. Our choice of dress, naturally was one by Karina Dresses. We are both wearing the “Ruby” a faux wrap dress with ¾ sleeves. Yup, matching dresses, just like the good old days from my childhood. This time, however, instead of matching outfits,  we styled our Karinas in our own individual way. My mom just loved how the dress fit her around the waist, and the fact that is was cut modestly in the bodice but was still fun and flirty (the wind whipped our skirts up for some bonus laughter). I loved how the very same dress style could look so different. Even on two women who “look exactly alike.”

 Mother. Daughter. Karina Dresses. It’s all about Generations of Style.

This is our “Yes” Dress. Make it yours.

Bella Q is a +40 fashion blogger and a Karina Dresses brand ambassador. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington and lives and breathes personal style. She is the last word of style over at

Mama Q is seventy-something, currently retired and lives in sunny Sacramento, California. She has recently taken up the internet, and is probably already planning her next road trip.

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