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Hello ladies! Have you had a good week? We sure have! There’s been plenty happening over here at Karina HQ – but we’ve still had enough time to round up our favorite links for the week. Here goes…

First up, get your weekly style inspiration from Mattie of Mattieologie (above). This girl really knows how to work a print!

Secret destinations are always fun and we love these little travel treasures: UK’s tiny islands: 10 hidden gems to discover.

Can makeup really improve your skin, or is it just marketing hype? This article investigates.

Struggling with a difficult, mean or negative person? We’ve all been there – but this article provides some excellent tips for dealing with it.

Many women benefit from mentors when going through changes, difficulties or growth. This article provides some great tips for attracting the right mentor at the right time.

Do you struggle to figure out what you really want in life? Here are some tips that really work! Give it a go – you might just have your Eureka moment.

Have you ever thought about getting out the old sewing machine again? If you’re interested in all things design, sewing and pattern making, you’ll love Maddie Flanigan’s blog as much as we do.

Do you ever feel like you just need that extra push? Emily Bennington provides some inspiration.

Allowing fear to keep us stuck is a crossroad many of us face and a question I certainly hear in the career space all the time: “Do I stay ‘safe’ in a job I don’t love or jump ship in search of my passion?”

Have you heard of reverse graffiti marketing? Neither had we until we saw this. Wow!

We hear a lot about making peace with our bodies – but what about other peoples’ bodies? This article is an incredible read.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s links. Until next time!

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