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How to Create a Successful Business

Tara Swiger is an author, yarn-maker and Starship Captain. Visit her website or follow her on twitter for more business tips + advice!

What is your biggest business question?
If you could boil down everything swirling around in your head, right now, I bet I could guess the question:

What do I have to DO to create a successful business? 

This is why we rewrite our descriptions, retake the photos, obsess over what craft shows to apply to. Because we want to do the right thing that will bring us success.

But after reading a few blogs or books, you can see that it’s not that simple. People give different advice. People do completely different things and have huge successes. And maybe, if you’re really lucky, some big “successful” artist, crafter, or writer gets real and talks about how hard it is and how it still doesn’t feel like a success to her.

That’s because there are two ways to create success in your business: the simple way + the complex way.

I explain ’em both (and how to avoid creating the kind of business that leaves you depleted and bored) in this video:

The good news: 
You don’t have to buy anything to be successful.
You don’t have to start over.
You don’t have to work 80-hour weeks (unless you really want to).

What you DO have to do is think. And explore.

Explore what you want.
Explore your definition of success.
Explore what works for you (and what doesn’t).

It’s not simple. But it works.

What does success mean to you? 

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