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Welcome, Clickity-Clickers! Here’s your round-up of fun links for Friday. Enjoy!

Don’t you just love the outfit above and the beautiful smile to match? Find more gorgeous style inspiration over at Vanessa Jackman’s blog.

An oldie but a goodie – Leo Babauta shares the 38 life lessons he learned in 38 years. Share the wisdom!

Want to make friends and influence people? Read Tricia Karp’s 10 tips for being an amazing networker!

Here’s something that maybe everyone needs to hear every once in a while: Ditch the drama!

We LOVE this heartfelt post from Elise McDowell about vulnerability and self-empowerment. Elise’s post was inspired by this awesome new video from Marie Forleo – make sure you check it out!

Wow – take a look at these timelapse satellite images of the world.

This beautifully written post about the art of mastery and soul-making is a must-read. Justine Musk writes:

“When you’re in the presence of mastery, you know it. It’s a shock-and-awe kind of feeling. It resonates in your body as well as your mind. It might inspire you to pursue some shock-and-awe of your own. The skill itself might fade – the athlete gets too old, the pianist injures a hand – but that way of knowing lives on, and the kind of person it made you can never be taken away.”

You might have heard the latest Disney controversy over gender representation. In this article from The Atlantic, Noah Berlatsky recommends a more expansive definition of “princess”.

Ooh, here’s a tough question but one everyone should ask. Do you manipulate, or influence people?

We hope you found some fun reading in here. Happy Friday everyone!

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