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It’s Friday! Celebrate with our fun links for the week. Heres goes!

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes in New York will know all about its colorful street folk. Humans of New York brings you a collection of all the most weird, wonderful people – plus a few quirky backstories. Take a look, it’s addictive!

Have you ever been told you’re a bit too serious? This post from the Daily Love reminds you why it’s important to lighten up.

Are you a business owner? Be inspired by this business owner’s manifesto!

Discover something you didn’t know: Read about these 10 wildly successful people who dropped out of high school.

Millennial men and women face unprecedented changes in workplace gender roles: True or false? In The Atlantic, Noah Berlatsky argues that it’s false – and makes a valid point. Read the article here.

What a gorgeous selection of goodies! Dream.Delight.Inspire has done all the hard work for us by rounding up some beautiful necklaces, planters and homewares to peruse.

Need a little help building your blog community? You’ll find some great tips here.

We’ve all had times where we’re stuck in a negative environment, and feel powerless to control it. This post from Positively Positive provides some simple solutions!

An understanding of body language is a great asset for any woman. Gala Darling gives us the run-down – and offers the secrets to success whether, it’s in business or romance!

We can’t resist a good letter to the editor – and we love this one from Raymond Chandler, where he tells off The Atlantic for its poor editorial manners.

That’s all, folks! See you again next week.

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