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Circle de Luz Update!

Because we believe in young women, we’ve been partnering with Rosie Molinary and Circle de Luz to empower young Latinas.  Here’s what they’ve been up to!

Circle de Luz currently has three active classes. This fall we will select our fourth class from the seventh graders at James Martin Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina. From now until the girls reach high school graduation, we will support them with mentoring and programming to empower them to achieve their goals of graduating from high school and pursuing further education. When they graduate from high school, we will support them with a minimum $5,000 scholarship provided to them by a network of women we call “mijas”.

Mijas are women from all over the country who believe in the power of education, who want to make a difference, and change the count. Mijas make a commitment to donate a minimum of $100 for each of the six years that their class of girls is in the program. That money is used to award a scholarship to every Circle de Luz hija (what we call the young women in our program) upon high school graduation and enrollment in a further educational opportunity.

We need at least 60 mijas to provide this life changing opportunity to at least 6 new hijas. Mijas can have any background and can live anywhere. And, every new mija that turns in their Letter of Commitment by June 10 will be entered into a drawing for the Karina Dress of your choice! As our numbers grow, so must our circle of believers. Won’t you help us spread the word and change the count for Latina girls?

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