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Rome + Sunshine + Great Dress = JOY

So you already know that our dresses are perfectly designed for travel –  according to the experts in the travel writing biz.

But today we want to focus on the real goal of travel. JOY. Joy in the experience of meeting new people, seeing new things, having new experiences. It’s a lifestyle thing! You live a certain way for most of the year, and that’s cool. But when you’re out in the wide world exploring, well, you’re so much more open to life-expanding random good things. We were reminded of that when we received this pic from a long time customer Robin Hayes. She’s outside the timelessly beautiful Vila Borghese Gardens in The Eternal City- Roma. She’s riding her bike in the sunshine engulfed by the gorgeousness of it all  and the attendant sights, sounds and smells.

Moments like these, the last thing on earth you care too much about is fashion. This moment is all about the JOY of being there, a (very) small part of which is our humble dress

Thanks for sharing this moment Robin! We can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Rome!

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