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Happy Friday!  Here are a few lovely links to peruse instead of filing that expense report!

Karina Dresses are great for travel – but what would you pack if you had to fit six months of clothing in a carryon?

Love!  A pint glass that requires you to use your smartphone as a coaster.

Gorgeous products made from repurposed items!  (We love the button resin bangles!)

Do you feel like it’s a crime to outshine others?  Stop.
Part of my healing process has been to surround myself with circles of women who want me to be big, who want me to shine, who want me to be the best version of me. They want this because it inspires them, it lifts them up, it gives them permission to be big as well. They want this because they know that keeping me tethered keeps them tethered too.

We love Nicole’s ‘Eff-Yeah’ list.

Eating: A Manifesto.
Girls and women of the world, could we stop apologizing for wanting and eating food? Because this is one of the most ridiculous things that we do collectively as lady-people, and not only does it annoy the shit out of me personally, but it is also INCREDIBLY SAD. Could we stop feeling “guilty” for wanting an effing brownie? Or a plate of fries? Could we stop actively seeking permission from our friends to go ahead and “be bad” and order the cheesecake? Could we all just go ahead and order whatever it is that we feel like eating, instead of saying, “Oh, I feel like a pig, you guys are just getting salads”?

12 habits of happy, healthy people 

This summer salad looks delicious!  And this spicy lemonade would really hit the spot.

What to say when you daughter wants to know if she’s pretty.

Have a great weekend!

 photo via mensweardog

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