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The Carmen Dress Goes To Delhi!

Aparajita Kumar is a 22 year old Indian blogger living in France. You can find her personal style blog at Dressing Up For Life. When she isn’t busy taking pictures of her daily outfits, she loves to read, travel and experiment in the kitchen.


I’m currently on a six week long trip to Delhi. And while it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, at this time of the year it is hot, humid and quite dusty! So when I was packing for my trip, the first thing I put in my suitcase was my Carmen short sleeve dress from Karina dresses.

Why? Well, first and most importantly Karina dresses are so travel friendly – they never wrinkle, they’re machine washable and they just need to drip dry before the next wear. Secondly, the microfibre fabric of my dress is so breathable and stretchy that I’m comfortable in it even in the most sweltering heat. Plus, the modest (yet not frumpy) neckline was perfect for wear in India, where people tend to be a bit more conservative than France.

Here are some pictures of me wearing my gorgeous Carmen dress at a handicrafts market.

Isn’t this purple and turquoise print lovely? I fit right in with all the colourfully dressed people of India! The only thing that I might change about this dress is its length – being a short person, I prefer wearing my dresses slightly above the knee. But if you’re taller than my 5’3″, the Carmen dress will be the perfect length for you.

I’ll be travelling a lot over the next two months and I’ve had such a great trip with the Carmen dress on this trip, that it’s going to feature in my suitcase for all those trips too! After all, why would I ever leave behind such an ‘easy wear, easy care’ dress?!

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