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All Pets Are Created Equal

We here are Karina Dresses loooooove our pets. (Remember Karina’s sweet pup Bodhi?) But we love all animals equally, so we thought we should be a bit more inclusive!  Brand Ambassador Katherine Bartlett is the founder of The Pet Connection and loves her birds. 

I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked my why I love parakeets instead of dogs and cats. It’s not that I don’t love dogs and cats, it’s probably because I grew up with them so much during my life that I had to find my own kind of pet.

When I was little, we had eight dogs, yes eight. And we also had three cats so I grew up always around dogs and cats. When I was younger, I was obsessed with dogs and every single one was equally adorable to me. And my cats were like my best friends so it makes you wonder when everything changed.

I had never owned a bird before so I didn’t know anything about them at all. Even after my husband and I got married, we always had a dog. But one day when we were coming home when I was pregnant, we were walking through the back door and all of a sudden, we heard a rapid flapping noise. It scared me so much that I ran into the house, but when I finally peaked back outside to see what it was, I saw my husband standing on the porch with a blue parakeet sitting on his shoulder. I was so amazed that I went out to see it closer and it indeed was a tame parakeet that just wanted a friend. So we took him inside and let him stay. He was a very sweet little thing, never wanting to be alone for a second. Anytime he saw one of us, he would instantly fly to us and sit on our shoulders. So it was then that I developed a love for parakeets. I never knew something so little could give you such an abundance of love.

We kept him until the day he died and then we buried him in the backyard. It broke my heart because I had really come to love when you would hear his fast flapping meaning he was coming towards you. And it wasn’t for five years did I ever even want another bird. So last September, I went to the pet store on a mission – to find two parakeets that I could love and care for.

The first one I found was Belle, the big yellow parakeet. I thought she was so beautiful because of her bright yellow color that I just had to have her. But then I saw a little blue parakeet that looked exactly like the first one I had. So I named him Little Pete and gave him a home too.

Since that first day of getting my parakeets, I’ve gone back several times to get more since we have six total, but each of them are special to me. I don’t treat them like pets, they’re more like little children to me. I kiss them and they kiss me back, I hug them, I play with them, I feed them and I love them with everything in me. They’ve certainly taken over a special place in my heart.

Now I know some people think pet people are crazy for loving their pets like children. I even thought the same thing growing up. My mother and father treated our two dogs like they were members of the family, not like dogs at all. But it wasn’t until I grew up did I realize why they did that. My mother wasn’t able to have anymore children after me so she transferred her need for having more children to her pets. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with that because I myself can’t have anymore children either. Mary will be my one and only and since I have a big heart, I’ve started to give a lot of it to my keets.

Do you have pets?  Cats?  Dogs? Birds? 

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