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It’s Friday! Put off errands and meetings by clicking through some of these lovely links!

So helpful! Emergency at home remedies for beauty mishaps.

We loved this interview with author George R. R. Martin and his take on writing female characters.

Are you shy and wish you were a bit more outgoing?  Here are five tricks that will help you make conversation at any dinner party!
If you can push yourself to try something that you want to do — but are afraid you might screw up — but you do it anyway, THIS IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT. Gigantic. Celebrate this! Every time you make yourself do this, IF YOU CAN SEE IT AS A VICTORY (even if it is a huge gigantic OMG devastating embarrassment) BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY DID IT, you will have all the more confidence the next time.

Let’s all try this recipe for homemade cheese.  Yum!

These nature love letters are so sweet!

Yes!  10 ways to beat air conditioning costs this summer.

These tattoos are amaaaaazing!

Such a pretty house tour!

If you’re blogging or creating or designing dresses like we are, this holds true: activity breeds activity.
There is no secret to getting to where you want to go. It takes a whole lot of work, perseverance by the boatload and a willingness to give it everything you’ve got. And, practice. I’ve said that it took me 500 posts before I hit my stride and really found my voice. Blogging takes time but that activity you put in now will pay off later.

Hope the weekend treats you well! 

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