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Summer Time Harlem Cool

The Heat is on In many parts of the country, people are dealing with a late summer heatwave, and are on the lookout for ways  stay cool.

Here is one.

Looking for a bit more panache to stay cool in the summertime? Try a Hat Attack.

You are sure to love Kathleen’s hat picks for summer!

Are you planning a trip abroad anytime soon? Sarah’s got some great tips for traveling with friends (and still keeping them as pals after the trip).

I kind of like what George Clooney is doing with all his Nespresso money. But, um, I guess you could say, I kinda LOVE George Clooney.

Speaking of coffee, somebody figured out what time of day is best to drink the stuff.

And that brings me to the recipe for the perfect iced coffee.

When it comes to coming up with innovative ways in fighting pollution, sometimes you’ve got to think like a shellfish,  giving a whole new pair of lungs to the phrase “the world is your oyster.”

Happy Friday, peeps! Keep cool and enjoy your weekend!

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