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Nothing but a number: it’s Friday, and you’re probably watching the clock, with one eye set on the weekend. Here are a few links to get you geared up for a good time.

Want some good advice? How about some good advice from a 100 year old?

Punk’s style instigator is now 72. And her attitude is as revolutionary as ever.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s a mystery grandma rocking a drum solo at your local music shop.

Are there really dangers in joining a fashion tribe in your vintage years?

Don’t save this for a rainy day: Advanced Style +70 style-icon-turned-fashion-model Tzip Salamon stays dry by looking Zen in this inspiring rainy day ensemble.

Have you seen artist Anne Bray’s (aka Spy Girl’s) fashion sketches of inspirational (and over the age of 40) snazzy dressers?

The vivacious Reva celebrated her 49th birthday- by going to a Senior Prom.  And, we’re not talking high school either. Silver fox alert!

Do you know what happens when one of our Rita dresses meets a pair of Fluvogs? Turquoise and Paisley Magic, that’s what.

Mirror Mirror: What does it look like when your present day faces off with your younger self? Artist Tom Hussey reflects on the subject.

“Getting older is brilliant,” declares the Vintage Vixen as she does some reflection on her own, wondering what her 20 year old self would think of her now.

Here’s to a brilliant Friday and happy weekend for women of all ages!

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