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Frockstar™: Emily Geanacopoulos of Emily G. Clothing

Name: Emily Geanacopoulos
Age: 29
Location: Brooklyn City USA!
Online homes: Website // Store // Twitter // Instagram

Favorite Karina dress (if you have one): I have about eight penelopes. So that’s clearly my favorite.

How you know Karina: I know Karina through Flirt, the shop I manage in Park Slope. We were one of the first Brooklyn boutiques to carry them.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off? 
I love to check out personal style and lifestyle blogs such as “A Beautiful Mess” and my new favorite “Oh So Lovely Vintage”. I also like to check out IKEA Hackers to see what kind of weird, wacky and cool stuff people are creating for their home.

You manage Flirt boutique and you’ve even got your own clothing line! Girl, you must be buuuuusy!  What are your top three time management techniques? 
Well, to be honest… I constantly feel like there is never enough time to do all things I want/need to do! But I have found that these things work for me:

1. Work efficiently: I try to get things right the first time so that I can avoid careless mistakes that will make me have to go back, correct something and ultimately waste time. Annoying!

2. Planning Ahead & Prioritize: Usually on Sundays, I try to create a list of all the things I would LIKE to get done during that week. In my own experience, I find it can be hard when you are a creative person to let your ideas flow and be a task master! So this helps me prioritize things and stay focused.

3. Structure The Day: I have a pretty strict routine when it comes to designing, sewing, and managing the store. Through lots of trial and error, I found that doing all the hard physical stuff earlier in the day is best. I’m refreshed, usually caffeinated and fully motivated! I save things like answering emails, blogging, and computer stuff in general for the end of the day… when I’m usually tired, no longer caffeinated but still fully motivated.

What things are flying off the shelves at your boutique right now? 
Well Karina’s dresses are always in high demand this time of year. She always has colorful, fun prints in so many summery styles. People are also really digging these cute, brass earrings that come in the shape of all the 50 states. And of course, Flirt’s signature “Snap Skirt”. The best part about all these items, is that they are all made right here in New York state!

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say? 
Wow…. so many things. One of which would be, save your money kid. Start putting 10% of that paycheck from your part-time job away because one day you’ll live in NYC and that place is expensive.

Your perfect day. What would it look like? 
It would probably start out with getting a giant latte (preferably free) and then heading to my studio where all the sewing machines would be working PERFECTLY. My sew-jo (think mojo, but for sewing) would be really strong and I would get so many dresses made from start to finish! Also, the studio would be completely empty and I could turn up the stereo full volume. Then I’d probably head over to my favorite neighborhood spot (Toby’s Public House), where I would sit outside with friends and enjoy some delicious pizza and wine (again, preferably free but not required). Finally, I’d head home and snuggle up to my cat, Groucho, and watch episodes of “Arrested Development” that I have seen on Netflix for about the 200th time.

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