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Let’s Get Real

Let's Get Real- Body Positive

Let’s Get Real.

There’s no such thing as a perfect body.
But there might just be the perfect dress.

Most of us are NOT dead ringers for the leggy and lithe models walking the planks on fashion runways. There’s probably not a  whole lot of us who get confused on the streets as off-duty super models. Instead, we’re cafe workers, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and retail divas; we are students, stay-at-home moms, secretaries, part-time jazz singers and full-time women. Our lives are wonderfully busy, often times messy, and most certainly, for REAL. So, you don’t need to doll up your idealized self,  but you most certainly need to dress your real one.

Good thing we have just the thing for that. There’s a reason why we say Karina Dresses are “dresses for every body.”  They truly are designed to fit all shapes, sizes and flavors of personality. Our dress design includes flexibility for ease of movement as well as ease of styling options. Breathable, easy care fabrics make your every day quest for style even easier- you won’t have to give up comfort for epic chic ever again.

We’re REAL WOMEN, who want real comfort to wear with real confidence. And right now, until the end of August, our very real and pretty dresses online come with a happy-ever-after price tag of just $88. It’s The Great $88 Dress Sale,  and it’s our very real way of saying THANK-YOU for being very real, and very wonderful.

What do you put on that makes you feel body confident and wonderful? Please let us know in the comments!

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