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Karina Chronicles

Mother + Daugher + France + Karina Dresses

Helen Austin is a singer, songwriter, and classically trained musician. Originally from the UK, Helen now resides in Vancouver with her family.  You can follow her shenanigans on her FacebookTwitter, or see her on Youtube.


Packing for travelling is always a problem for me. I want to take everything. So packing for a month in France could have potentially meant several suitcases and a very irate husband. 

So having my two Karina Josie dresses was fantastic. The are so small to pack, don’t wrinkle and I can wear them on their own, with leggings or jeans. The first day in Paris was hot hot hot, so my newest dress was perfect, as were the croissants, wine and Versailles :)

Pretty much from the moment we arrived in france, it was boiling hot and very sunny, so my mum and I dug out our dresses from our suitcases and we’ve ended up wearing them most of the time we’ve been here. Our first day, I really wanted to go to Versailles, because we studied Marie Antoinette and the French revolution last year in school.  

On our way there, we got a bit lost, so when we got to an intersection I just told my dad “turn left!”. We turned to corner and BAM, huge palace covered in gold. My mum and I really aren’t heat people, but it was a nice change from the regular weather of the Comox Valley, where there is always a looming cloud somewhere. The sun was really shining down on everything in the palace square, and even though I forgot to put sunscreen on, I wasn’t really all that worried, because my dress nicely covered my shoulders, and thats usually only where I get burned. Also the fabric is so silky that it barely felt like I was wearing anything and was really cool under the heat.

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