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Dresstinations™: Karina Dresses are Adorable in Alaska

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1Lisa Weissler is an attorney living in Juneau, Alaska.  She recently retired from a long career with the Alaska state government and is now putting her experience in natural resource law to work advocating for more public input in resource development decisions that affect Alaska’s communities’ way of life.  There’s still time for fun, with hiking, biking and fishing in the summer, and reading, writing and mahjong to pass the dark winter months. 
Karina may be seeing an increase in orders from Juneau Alaska because every time I wear one of my dresses – I now have five in different styles – friends, and even a few strangers, ask for the website. I got the dresses for an upcoming trip to Spain, but with leggings and a sweater, hope to be able to wear them even through an Alaska winter.

My love affair with Karina dresses began several months ago when I started planning for a three-week trip to Spain for the fall.  Like all of you, having comfortable travel clothes is a must for me.  I was thinking of bringing easy-care nylon pants with lots of pockets, the stand-by clunky walking shoe and basic tops.  Then I discovered that Spanish women dress up to go to the grocery store and that my standard travel wardrobe would stand out like a sore thumb.  Thus began my quest for something new.  That’s when I discovered Karina.  In review after review, other travelers touted their versatility, packability and comfort, and so I ordered my first dress.  I’m up to seven now and haven’t even left for Spain yet!   Several friends with upcoming travel plans also joined the fan club, starting their own Karina collection.


Turns out, the dresses are good even here at home in Juneau, Alaska.  Leggings, a scarf, ankle boots and voila – a breakaway style from our usual corduroys and fleece.  That’s the Mendenhall Glacier in the background, one of the few glaciers you can drive to.  When I moved to Juneau 33 years ago, the ice covered the rocks on the right and then some.  It’s still an impressive sight, a river of ice flowing down from a massive ice field that sits between British Columbia and Juneau.  That little white dot between us is a bald eagle hanging out, enjoying a rare dry fall day.



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