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The Point is Ponte

KD ponte grey

“This fall season there will be more solids available in ponte knit fabric. Ponte is a bit heavier and drapes beautifully.  It also has the same easy care as our lovely fabrics used in the summer. Prints will still be available; with a focus on solids to be paired with textured tights and woven blazers.” -Karina


KD ponte samples

Exactly just what is Ponte knit fabric? Ponte knits are “stable” knits with a fair  amount of stretching capability while remaining somewhat structured.  Ponte knits are seasonless and extremely travel friendly, as they resist wrinkles and creases.  Just like our other fabrics used in the summer season, Ponte has easy care, too!   Throw it in the washer (cold) and hang dry~ no ironing necessary ever!  To the point: Ponte is perfect for travelers, and people on the go.

It has a heavier weight  than our usual silky fabrics, which adds warmth to the garment, making winter dressing a bit cozier, and the feeling is so soft and luxurious.   So, get ready to feel snuggly warm in your Karina Ponte dresses!

KD ponte Patti

Karina Dresses now offers Penelope, Lauren,  Patti,  Julie and Emily styles, as well as the Seryn skirt in Ponte fabric.


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