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Karina Chronicles

Fewer #Selfies. Please


KD BIO MICHELE PICAuthor, educator, and social leadership strategist, Michelle Icard creates emotional relief for tweens, parents, and educators by providing clear wisdom and pragmatic tools that ease stress and create connection during the middle school years.  You can find Michelle online: Michelle in the Middle / Facebook / Twitter


In my professional life, I write curriculum and run programs for middle schoolers. In my personal life, I have two middle schoolers living under my roof, eating my groceries, and cracking up. I am fully entrenched in middle school culture, and mostly, I love it.

insta2 My Instagram feed; however, is growing tired.  The number of boring and self-indulgent #selfies kids post are driving me bananas.


For all tweens and teens, TBH: There’s so much more to who you are than a close up pictures of your face.  You have dreams, interest, beliefs, and great ideas. Give the world a better look at the real you and let’s diversify Instagram!





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