Karina Chronicles

On What Makes A Classic

Recently we’ve been thinking a lot about the word “classic.”


Here’s what the dictionary says:


adjective \ˈkla-sik\

 —used to say that something has come to be considered one of the best of its kind

—used to say that something is an example of excellence

—used to describe something that has been popular for a long time

Karina Dresses has been around since 2007 and we’ve learned a thing or three over the years. About real beauty, about what stands the test of time and what doesn’t, about who & what really matters in life & in fashion.  Mostly we learned this stuff by listening to YOU, the ladies around the country (and in Canada, Australia & Europe) who are our loyal fans & customers.

Lately we’re kinda feeling like we fit the definition of “classic,” so we wanted to find a great way to honor that achievement and share it with YOU.

In early 2014, we will be launching a new mini-collection:  The Classics Collection by Karina Dresses. Our best & most-popular styles from over the years…timeless shapes done in solids & perennial prints like polka dots & stripes.  Look for it in our web store and in our newsletter.  And remember: always be classic!

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