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Frockstar™: Louise Bishop

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The Featured Frockstar™  Name: Louise Bishop

Age: 33

Location: Pacific Northwest

Online homes: Blog/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram

Favorite Karina dress?  Penelope, as I have two of them already and almost purchased a 3rd one

How did you discover Karina Dresses? I found out about Karina from a friend of mine. We were on a press trip together and every day she had on an adorable dress so I had to know all about them.

What’s you most recent awesome accomplishment?

Who is your hero? My hero was my grandmother and she recently died this past August. It’s been difficult without her but my children are now my inspiration.

Who are your style inspirations?  In fact, my daughter has always been my fashion hero. She’s been dressing herself since she was 15 months old. She has more fashion sense in her little finger than I do in my whole body.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?  My perfect day would be on the beach with my kids playing in the sand making sand castles and swimming in the ocean while looking for seashells and sand dollars.

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