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January 24, 2014 – National Compliment Day

The lovely folks at Karina Dresses are really, really concerned with all the cultural issues around self-love and positive body image. You probably have figured that out by now. And you may even have rolled your eyes once or thrice at some of our exhortations and affirmations. That’s OK…we still love you, all of you, inside and out, no matter what size, shape or color.  :)

Now…today is National Compliment Day.  National Compliment Day was started by Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin to remind people that, “compliments provide a quick and easy way to connect positively with those you come in contact with.”  How will you celebrate this most curious of curious holidays?


Here’s a couple of pointers to help you trade praise with the most accomplished of complimenters:

– Make sure the compliment you give someone is heartfelt & comes from a place of authenticity. Otherwise, why bother? You wont feel good, and unless the recipient is a stone they’ll know something is rotten in Denmark.

– Accept compliments gracefully. Say “thanks” and don’t feel the pressure to return a compliment immediately in exchange. That smacks of quid pro quo & glad-handing, to be honest my dears.

Anyway…have fun, be authentic, practice kindness & enjoy the heck out of National Compliment Day!

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