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#ThrowbackThursday – How To Be a Maximalist

Halley Gray is a freelance writer who creates a voice for small businesses online. She writes about living an adventure-packed, travel-soaked, friendship-filled life at Life of Something New. Say hi, konichiwa or hola on Twitter or Facebook.

See that beautiful dress you’re lusting after? Get it.

Scrimp, and save, so that exquisite silk glides against your skin and makes you lightheaded with delight.

Don’t buy it if it brings you nothing but temporary relief of boredom/angst/stress/emptiness.

You’re worth more than that. You’re worth more than the meaningless stuff that fills your life. Which is why the minimalist movement is so appealing, but we get hooked on throwing stuff away only to find ourselves buying it all over again.

Stop yourself now. I want you to look at the stuff that surrounds you and sell/give away everything you do not absolutely love. That’s right. We’re going to be maximalists (just quietly, I made that up) and appreciate everything we have and only buy things that truly delight us.

After my mom passed, she left a legacy of gorgeous, immaculate stuff, and I wanted to throw it all away. I wanted to be free of the burden of possessing, of being owned by things. Till a friend suggested that one day, wouldn’t I love to toast a special occasion with my mom’s crystal wineglasses? Wouldn’t I appreciate taking her leather handbag on my next great adventure? Wouldn’t my life experience be deepened by savoring the feel of a cashmere sweater?

I picked all the things I loved and couldn’t bear to part with and took them around the world with me. Now, I spend a couple minutes each day captivated by the painting in my living room, and feeling like a swashbuckling sea captain in a silk blouse.

Own the things that you adore and live life fully.

What are your prized possessions?

[Originally published on in Feb 2013]

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