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Five Ways To De-stress After Work

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You would think that since I had just come back from the cruise, I would be well rested and relaxed. Unfortunately, I came back to a lot of work and a lot of people-related stress. How do you deal with that? Sure, the work load wasn’t bad but when you are dealing with a lot of social situations surrounding the circumstances, it just beats you down.  These last several weeks since I have been back, I have had to stay late every single day at work because of everything going on. If you don’t find a way to rejuvenate yourself or refresh yourself, burn out is bound to happen, no matter how good you are.  How do you deal with workplace stress and manage to keep yourself fresh and ready to go every day?
Tips for getting the stress out after a busy work day

5 tips to de-stress after a long day at work

  1. Work on your sleep hygiene – This one is pretty basic, you’ve worked your butt off all day and some rest is definitely in order. Sleep is important for regenerating our health and energy. Research has shown over and over again that people can’t function well without sleep. Check out my post on better sleeping tips.
  2. Exercise -I have found a good sweat always makes me feel better but it doesn’t have to be that strenuous. Exercise depletes stress hormones and releases mood-enhancing hormones and chemicals to make you feel good.
  3. Spend some time with the people you love – There’s nothing quite like coming home and seeing the dogs or the kids. My pups are so happy to see me when I get home that most of the time, no matter how stressed I’ve been, it simply melts away.
  4. Have a good laugh! Ever heard of laugh therapy? How about laughter is the best medicine? A good laugh helps to kick some serious butt. It’s how I get through the work day.
  5. Music therapy – Ahh, the right music works just the right about of relief into my life. I listen to all kinds of music but when I need to pump myself up or blow off some steam, I listen to some pretty hardcore rock. It’s my way of channeling off steam and anger into a less destructive method.

Chronic stress eats away at us and is bad for our health too. Use these tips to help you avoid it and keep refreshed for a new day of work. What other de-stressors do you like using?

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