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Penelope The Perfect Dress For Work

ggTiffany is a Youtube Vlogger at Tiffany T Daily Vlogs! She is an accountant by day and can be found vlogging in the bathroom, her car…who knows where she will show up next! She is a dedicated wife to a beautiful woman, mother to two crazy dogs, not-so-pro pastry chef, and lover of travel and fashion. You can find her online on Facebook, on Twitter @tiffanyngriffin, and on YouTube.

After two weeks of postman stalking, this working girl has finally received her first Karina dress! If you want to wow your boss with the perfect dress for work,  or just feel like a kid again; check out my review video below (which may or may not contain a few girlish twirls) of my Monday in my first Penelope.

The Perfect Dress For Work

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