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Dress For Self Love: How To Boost Your Body Image

girl pulling big trousers to show how much weight she has lost

In our society, our body image is naturally tied to our self-esteem. Even if we don’t think that both correlate, they do. After all, our negative thoughts often develop from something that we wish we could change about ourselves. For me it was always my belly.  No matter what I weighed I always thought my stomach was huge.  Now I look back at those photographs and realize how distorted my own body image was back then.

Socialization and the media play a role in changing how we perceive body image. Instead of wanting to look and feel healthy, both factors make us assume that looking a certain way will make us feel better about ourselves. Instead, it fosters what’s known as disordered thinking in a lot of young and older women.

We can improve our self-esteem if we improve the way we perceive our body image. There’s no harm in trying. If we can feel positive about our bodies, there’s practically nothing stopping us from doing whatever we want—like buying a new dress from Karina Dresses!

  • Boost your body image with self-improvement tips & dress for self loveHow do you feel about your body? Are you happy with your body? Or, do you think there’s something you can improve? We all think there’s something we can improve about our bodies—but, the most important part about self-improvement is feeling good about ourselves. Below are some positive self-esteem tips that you can use to boost your body image:
  • Learn to love yourself with self-affirmations: Self-affirmations are positive affirmations about ourselves—statements that affirm the positive traits about ourselves. Take a few minutes out of your day to say something about yourself that affirms your positive traits. It can be as simple as ‘I can do it,’ ‘I am beautiful and cherished,’ or as much as ‘I love myself, I care about myself and I love and respect my body.’
  • Learn to write about your thoughts and feelings: Sometimes, writing can help us heal our self-perception and gain better self-esteem. Journals or diaries are a longtime companion of women, since they provide us a personal medium to record thoughts about, well, anything. Writing down our troubled thoughts can help us confront them and eventually adopt positive thinking.
  • Learn to be patient with yourself: If you get frustrated, it’s all right. It takes time to build your self-esteem. Take some time from your day to unwind from the pressure that might be troubling you. It’s also a good idea to refocus your energies to more positive channels of life.

If you were involved in a hobby that affected your body image, leave the hobby and find something that best suits what you really want. Leaving negativity behind is a big part of rebuilding our self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to go for something that makes you feel incredible.

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