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Meet Your Maker: Styling Karina Dresses

Meet Your Maker: Styling Karina Dresses

I have an absolute love of CARDIGANS…….

There are many things I like in fashion like dots, stripes, floral and dresses but I absolutely love a great sweater, jumper, cardigan or shrug. Use a cardigan to create a modern day take on Audrey Hepburn, which is a favorite of mine. You can also use it to tie together an outfit with texture or to add texture with an funky embellished cardigan.

Cardigan: A cardigan is a type of knitted garment that has an open front. Commonly cardigans are buttoned or zipped, but a garment that is tied would instead be considered a robe. Cardigans can be long sleeved, short sleeved, cropped or rolled. Aside from classic, you can find them in many styles like belted, boyfriend, tunic or  shawl.


They are perfect to pair with a dress in the spring, summer nights or layers for fall and winter. Think it is too hot out in the summertime to wear your favorite cardigan? Think again! Cardigans are especially perfect for those who work inside an office building. Your cardigan makes it easy to transition from a warm sidewalk to a chilly conference room. I love the versatility, to go from day to night, office or play.


My collection is big; maybe close to twenty. It’s like looking at a rainbow, with all of the greatest colors being represented. Long or short; pockets or without pockets; and all the colors….cashmere or cotton are my favorites!

Styling Karina Dresses with a cardigan couldn’t be easier. Be style inspiration to your girlfriends in a cropped yellow cardigan over a Penelope in Blaze or be a standout at the office when you give your Karina Classic Audrey in Black a pop of summer color with a turquoise cardigan and a pair of great pumps.

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