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Vacation Dress Wanted: How To Pack For a Week at the Beach

Kelley Crowe Forever's Like a DreamKelley is a wife, blogger, and mom to a two year old fashionista and all too competitive five year old. Her favorite vacation dress is the Audrey. Born and raised in New England, she now calls the Carolina’s home. You can learn more and join her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram, & Google+!

The beach is my happy place. I love everything about being on the beach. The sounds of the waves crashing, the feel of the sand beneath your toes, sunshine in your face, the smell of that beautiful summer air. Can’t you just close your eyes and picture the beautiful sounds, smells, and picture?

How to Pack for a Week at the Beach

The weeks leading up to a vacation can be not only exciting, but stressful too. I don’t know about you, but I stress about how much to pack… and I ALWAYS overpack! This year, I have developed my own mantra and am going with a much more simple vacation style. I made a vow to myself not to go overboard this year and simplify my packing through these few easy products and tips to guide me in the process.

Simple Vacation Dress Style Tips!

  1. Dresses are my best friend! I’m often seen in dresses all summer long anyway, but dresses are an easy way to pack light and take up a lot less room in your suitcase. Right now, I’m loving my Audrey Dress in “ultramarine” – it’s the perfect summer color and paired with a coral necklace would be divine for that oceanfront dining you’re sure to enjoy!
  2. My new favorite shoes are Lindsay-Phillips switch flops – they make packing light and easy! Just choose a snap shoe and grab a few different snaps and voila! You only need to pack one pair of shoes, but still be able to switch up your look throughout the week. My favorite right now is the “Thea Snap” and would look adorable paired with the Audrey dress mentioned above!
  3. Accessorize! I like to pack a few of my favorite dresses in basic colors then bring along several different necklaces. Switch up your look without taking up a ton of space and who doesn’t love to have fun with jewelry!?

With following these few simple steps and packing just a few of your “can’t live without” items and pairing them with accessories to switch up your look, you can limit your wardrobe and leave more room for shopping while you’re enjoying your vacation, right!? I know the thought of being gone for a week makes me want to shove my entire closet into my car, but sticking to the essentials will make travel so much easier… and you’ll be happy to keep your wardrobe simple and light while enjoying your destination! Besides, think of how many times you pack so much more than you ever wear? I’m taking my own advice this year and going simple – with these steps and just packing a few of my favorite dresses and some accessories, I know I’ll enjoy myself without stressing about the massive amounts of laundry that got piled up to tend to when I get home!

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