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Dress For Progress: Queens Centers for Progress

Adult Day Residential Services

We threw on our dress for progress when we donated fabric to Queens Centers for Progress Day Habilitation Program. Queens Centers for Progress is an organization that provides services for people with developmental disabilities. Participants in the Day Habilitation Program work on self-improvement and household skills that allow them to be more independent. They learn skills such as money handling, travel, community safety and volunteer at places such as animal shelters and the local libraries.

Photography, horticulture, recreation, culinary art cooking classes and sensory awareness are part of the programs’ offerings.  Some of the artwork and photography have been exhibited throughout New York City.  Participants in one of our Day Hab programs produce musical reviews that draw many people from outside QCP.  There is also a wide range of special annual events including Sports Day, Fashion Shows, Singing/Karaoke Shows, International learning events, and carnivals. Activities that are social or recreational offer many opportunities for skill acquisition, work readiness and personal growth.

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Dear Ms. Cousineau,

I am writing to thank you for your generous donation to Materials for the Arts.  Queens Centers for Progress Day Habilitation Program was able to receive supplies which will be put to good use in our art and photography programs. The materials will be used to enhance the program area during art activities and to provide ideas for future art projects. Most recently, we used supplies from Materials for the Arts almost exclusively to produce items for a 3 day art show at our agency.  The materials we received yesterday will be used to create props and decorations for upcoming talent shows, a 4th of July dance and a multicultural festival.

The art and photography programs at Queens Centers for Progress encourage developmentally disabled artists to explore a diverse menu of media and techniques.  Participation creates an environment that enhances the artist’s self-esteem and sense of pride.  Artists enjoy the freedom to work on individual and collaborative pieces.  The artwork produced is showcased at semi-annual art shows.  Large scale collaborative pieces are also used a backdrops and freestanding scenery pieces for theatre presentations.  The artists also produce items such as clay pottery, photography, paintings, sketches, jewelry, and costumes.

Thanks again for your generous donation.


Michelle Jardine
Day Services Supervisor
Queens Centers for Progress

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