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A Date Night Dress By Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

With her v-neck, v-back, full swirl skirt and length to knee, Audrey makes the perfect date night dress!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing Karina Dresses in the press. We are excited to announce that Karina Dresses has been featured in another FABulous blog, Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, as the perfect date night dress! Elegantly Dressed and Stylish is a blog ran by our very own Karina Dresses Brand Ambassador, Jessica Jannenga. Jessica can be found writing about her latest fantastic frock finds, her two shih tzus and her husband. She is a 40+ blogger who dresses in what she likes, and would describe herself as classic and in trend. She thinks that comfort isn’t a 4 letter word, and we couldn’t agree more!

Audrey makes the perfect date night dress with her v-neck, v-back, full swirl skirt and length to knee!

So, on to the delicious martinis, Firebirds, a chain around the country, has a $5 Martini day and I had a pineapple, then later the Queen City Berry martini with a berry vodka, Chamboard, and something else which I am sure added to the fruity, cold, delicious taste. We then decided to get pictures of me in my latest Karina dress, the Audrey, in Vibrant Blooms. I love the red, as you know I am a fan of red, and florals, so this was just the dress for me. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon.

What Makes Audrey The Perfect Date Night Dress?

We knew Jessica loved Karina Dresses, and feel so privileged to be her accessory of choice while out and about shopping with her husband. The martinis looked good, but the dress looks even better! Red and florals always look fab, especially on you, Jessica! The Audrey dress in Vibrant Blooms is the perfect dress to transition from spring to summer. With it’s v-front, v-back and full swing, knee length skirt, the Audrey Dress is perfect to pair with flats and a cardigan or a statement necklace and a pair of pumps. The Audrey dress, as well as all Karina Dresses, are the perfect dresses for real women and every body. To spring into summer in style, you can find your next date night dress at our online shop. Happy Summer!

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