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Chic Mommy Style: Get the Look

Kelley Crowe Forever's Like a DreamKelley is a wife, blogger, and mom to a two year old fashionista and all too completive five year old. Born and raised in New England, she now calls the Carolina’s home. You can learn more and join her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & Google+!

These days I seem to be found more frequently in the preschool pickup line wearing yoga pants rather than a gorgeous frock. Being a mom to two toddlers means a lot less time to myself when it comes to getting ready in the mornings. There are the occasional mornings when I wake up before everyone else in the house and actually get in a shower and have a chance to dry my hair, before the chaos hits, but those moments are few and far between.

Mommy Style…

Oh you Know… I’m just “Mommy Chic!”

Just, because I’m not seen everyday in something glamorous, doesn’t mean I can’t be fashionable! Mommy Chic is what I like to call my hair thrown in a pony tail, yoga pants, with flip flops and a flowly cardigan. You know all of us mom’s have two separate sections of workout clothes in our closets right?! The “chic” ones for preschool drop off and pickup and the “real” ones for when we actually work out…. I can’t be the only one, right!?


mommy style pic

You can jazz up your outfit to be in style no matter what you’re wearing! One of my tricks as a mom on the go is to layer. I layer almost every outfit. You never know when you’re going to get chocolate spilled on you or end up at the park for hours on end into the chilly night… Layering your look is a sure way to be sure you’re prepared for anything that may come your way! Forget rolling up the sleeves, I keep some extra ones on hand for the battle of the toddlers!

Even if I am seen in yoga pants on a pretty much regular basis, I will throw in some cute sparkly flats, a flowy cardigan, and some color paired with a big bag to accommodate all those sippy cups, wipes, and toys I need to cart around on my arm, too!

Even though I’m normally seen doing my errands in an ensemble above, I like to put on my heels every now and then! I like to think of my style as more classic, like the Audrey dress where I can pair a simple pattern with some fun jewelry and have fun with accessories! A simple and classic style paired with a bright colored necklace and earrings is a sure way to extend that “mommy chic” style from day to night with some simple layering and additions… oh, and maybe a smaller purse since you’ll likely be out and about sans the sippy cups! 



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