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Dress For Self Love: Start Practicing For Less Than $20


Raki is a wife, mom of 2, coffee drinker, and list maker. She puts her UNC Tarheels’ degree in Communication Studies to use at an advertising agency and her hands-on experience as a working mom to use on her blog. She is the go-to gal for on-the-go moms. You can find her online at: Outside the Box Mom / Twitter / Facebook

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Sometimes it’s hard to dress for self love, but moms deserve to be pampered. Often, it can be hard to carve out the time (or the funds) to do something just for you. But, hopefully, you can find something on this inexpensive list that’s enjoyable and just for you!

Dress For Self Love: Ways To Practice Self Love For Less Than $20

  1. Pedicure : What is more pampering than soaking your feet and legs in warm, bubbly water, followed by nail grooming, and a foot/leg massage.  Finish with your favorite color.  Sexy!
  2. Manicure : Don’t forget to treat your hands to a soak in warm water, nail grooming, and a hand/arm massage.  Finish with your favorite color.  Beautiful!
  3. Massage : You will have to take a budget shortcut on this one and visit one of the kiosks in your local mall for a 10-minute shoulder and back massage.
  4. Hair Style : Depending on your salon and it’s prices, you can choose a wash; wash & style; or cut, wash & style.  The point is to receive a relaxing hair experience, provided by someone else.
  5. Coffee : My infallible daily routine includes my morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee.  I love a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato or a great medium roast coffee with 2 tbsp of French Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Caramel flavored creamer and two packets of Sweet N Low.
  6. Ice Cream : A cup, cone, or pint of butter pecan ice cream does my sweet tooth good.  (Yes, I know I have to be careful, since I’m diabetic.)
  7. Wine : I’ve recently taken a liking to Moscato and Sangria.  I’m no wine connoisseur, but I’m sure you could get a bottle of your favorite type of wine under budget.
  8. Meal :  Have lunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant alone.  Sometimes my family doesn’t like the same type of cuisine or restaurants that I do.  So, I can enjoy Chipotle, Panera Bread, or El Rodeo, all by myself.  Maybe even a little dessert or cocktail on the side.
  9. Movie :  I remember a few years ago, when the Sex & The City movie was released, I took the day off because we were moving.  I visited a locally-owned theater, bought my ticket, and enjoyed every minute of it.  By myself.
  10. Book : Visit your favorite bookstore, pick out a book you want, and stay there to read it in one of their comfy chairs or couches.

Even if you don’t like anything on this list, I hope you will think of things you can do just for you.  Alone time, doing something you enjoy, is a recharging experience that you deserve.

P.S. When you’re wearing something that makes you feel confident, you’re far less likely to have an awkward moment, don’t you agree? One of the styles that flatters my rectangle-shaped figure is Audrey, the perfect dress for self love. In fact, I love wearing both of my Audrey dresses in Gold Chevron and Ladybug prints. If you are as smitten with the Audrey as Raki is, you can find her latest prints at our online shop today!

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