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Dress For Dinner: A Wine Tasting

Jess JennegaJessica Jannenga is a 45 year old woman, interested in fashion, creativity, and putting together cost effective outfits, and is an excellent role model for self-love. You can often find her wearing a Dress for dinner ~ Audrey. She has a chronic disease, Ehlers-Danlos, which affects her life on a daily basis, but she continues to make the best of herself and feel good in the process regardless of the situation. A graduate of Duquesne’s School of Music with a Master’s in Education as well as a B.A. in Music Performance her  creativity coupled with her interest in fashion led her to blog at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. You can find her at @jessicajannengaFacebook and Pinterest.

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Dress For Dinner: Wine Notes, Cleansing The Palette Or Just Having Fun?

I do have to say, since college, I have graduated from the Box O’ Wine to the Wine bottle, although there are some fairly tasty wines to be had even in boxes these days. Some how, however, it wouldn’t seem proper if the waiter, in a more expensive restaurant, brought out a box, showed you it’s year ( last years) and then presented to pour the wine out of the spout. I think the experience would diminish, but perhaps it is just me? I enjoy learning about different wines of various regions, the flavors, the pairings. I don’t think one has to spend $100 on a good bottle of wine. Renowned Sommilier Andrea Immer, also believes that a $10 bottle can be equally tasteful. I must go on and tell you the story that my father tells, and hears the usual chorus of, “ Heard that” by my family, as we have heard the story many times over. We just laugh and smile and go with it, as he tells us of an event he attended where there was a lovely dinner prepared, and then a wine tasting to follow. As he walked around the room, a man approached him and asked, What type of wines do you prefer sir,” My father answered with the only thing that he could think of at the moment, the prominent commercial of the 1980s, Riunite”.



Well, the gentleman he was speaking with snubbed his nose, and proceeded to walk away.” We still get a laugh from that one. Does one have to be pretensious with wine? Do we have to know notes, regions, and other sophistications? I enjoy wine tasting, because as a former educator, I like to learn. I am interested about the regions, the names of the grapes and so forth. However, I am also perfectly happy to enjoy the flavor of a bottle of wine on a hot summer day, sitting outside and just enjoying a view or good conversation. Should I chew fruity gum before I have a sampling of a rare production of a group on Italian wines? No. Would it be a sin.No. So, instead I have my crackers in between the sips of these red full-bodied cherry wines  Do I smell, spit, swirl? Maybe, maybe not. I may put my nose to the glass, and just drink the wine. Enjoying the wine, I am unable to tell if there are hints of toasted marshmallow, bright cherries, blackberries or smoky oak. Does that make me enjoy the wine tasting even less? No, of course not. Actually, I think I may take home this Italian bottle of red wine and have it with some salmon and greens!

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Some recommendations you may enjoy for sipping on the deck in the sunny weather: White wines: Conundrum: clean, crisp, white with a dry finish. Pinot Grigio: Santa Marghertia: Dry white crisp wine, with a taste of golden delicious apples  Astico Terrantes white: crisp, dry, citrus, fruity Tempranillo/Granache: Red Guitar:. Mild, mellow, dark fruits, smooth Conte Priola Pinot Grigio: Dry white wine with citrus notes, apple, medium body.

If you live in the NC region, there are some great vineyards to visit as well.  I may just have to have Audrey( one of my favorite Karina Dresses) visit there, and report back on the day.

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”--Benjamin Franklin By Jessica Jannenga

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