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Meet Your Maker: With A Simple Dress Comes Big Inspiration

Lillian Webber creates a simple dress a day for impoverished little girls in Africa and beyond.
This woman inspires me. This woman is 99-year-old Lillian Webber. Lillian uses her time to make a dress from scratch everyday, so a small needy child in Africa will have something to wear. In the past two years, Lillian has made more than 840 dresses, and she plans on making 150 more by next May! Lillian’s 100th birthday is in May, which is the reasoning behind her goal. 1,000 dresses by her 100th birthday… the simple act of creating a simple dress proves that love keeps us young!

I could probably make two a day, but I enjoy just doing the one. It’s just one of those things I guess. I learnt how to do it and then I thought why not put it to good use?!
-Lillian Webber

An Inspirational Seamstress~ Creating A Simple Dress For A Big Cause

Lillian says she starts work on a dress in the morning, takes a break during the midday, and puts the finishing touches to it in the afternoon. Each dress even has a personalized touch, because she feels that each dress should be special for the little girl wearing it. She loves making the dresses even though she knows she will never see a little girl wear one. Each dress is donated to the not-for-profit Little Dresses For Africa organization. These dresses are then distributed to little girls in Africa and in other impoverished areas. The organization has collected over 2.5 million dresses that have been distributed to over 47 different countries of Africa!

Audrey Hebpurn was dressed to give, like Lillian Webber, who creates a simple dress a day for impoverished little girls in Africa and beyond.

Lillian enjoys what she is doing so much so  that she has no plans on stopping once hitting her goal of 1,000 dresses! In fact, her daughter Rachel is planning on taking a trip to Africa to personally present one of her mother’s dresses to a child in need. [Tweet “A simple dress brings big inspiration!”] A simple dress is not so simple to a child in need, and that is what keeps Lillian going! A simple dress goes a long way in your closet as well. Karina Dresses are a simple, yet FAB way to transform your closet. Take a look at our latest prints and styles at our online store and pick out your next simple dress for Fall.

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