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Frockstar™: Lisa Samples


Karina Dresses Frockstar™ Name: Lisa Samples

Age: 47

Location: Orlando, Florida

Online homes:  Life with Lisa, @lisasamples on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

Favorite Karina dress: Want!!!!!

How did you discover Karina Dresses?
Kept seeing them on Facebook and LOVED them!

What are your everyday, must-reads, online or off?
US Weekly (love the break from my reality)

What’s your most recent awesome accomplishment?
Started a new company in 2013 and have our first employee!

Who is your hero?
My hero was my grandma.

Who are your style inspirations?
If I were a size 1 there would be many, but since I’m not I pretty much make up my own style! Comfort is an important factor when putting together a particular look!

Why is it important to love our bodies?
It’s important because it is ours and if we can’t love ourselves no one will.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
Enjoy it more and don’t eat that cupcake!

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
The beach in a tropical location with misting fans and a Pina Colada!

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