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Accessorize Your Trip: Pack Your Favorite Travel Dress


Mellisa is a wife, mom, coffee lover and travel enthusiast. You can catch her at Mom Luck, on Twitter, and on Facebook.  This summer you will most likely find her traveling and sporting her favorite Karina Audrey Dress in Salmon.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. Whether it’s a long trip to the other side of the country or a day trip out of town with my family, I love it all. One thing I have learned during my travels is that the right kind of clothing can make your vacation so much easier.

When I first started to travel I would pack practically every piece of clothing I owned because, like most women, I like to have choices. This clothing-hoarder process, I would soon find, was more of a pain in the neck than it was helpful. Overtime I quickly figured out that the less clothes you take with you the better.

Here’s why packing your favorite travel dress makes sense…

Now don’t get me wrong I love to look my best when I travel but there are ways to do this other than packing your entire wardrobe in your suitcase. I have found that the best piece of clothing you can take with you when traveling are dresses. Most dresses are light-weight, pack easy and you can wear them for business or casual. There is something about wearing a dress that just makes a women feel great about herself while at the same time feeling comfortable.

The other thing I love about wearing dresses when I travel is that you can dress them up or down with accessories. The perfect example its the Karina Gala Wrap. This type of dress can be worn casually but you can really jazz it up with some white heels, pearls and cute earrings. I will normally bring a few longer dresses some short dresses and different jewelry and jackets to go with them. That way you still have choices when it comes to the style you are in the mood for.

Karina Dresses are the best dress for every body, and your next favorite travel dress
So they next time you travel, consider packing your favorite travel dress. They truly are the perfect travel accessory. Find your next travel dress by visiting our online store today!

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