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A Dress For Travel: Aloha From Hawaii!

My name is Dawn From Kupana Wahines Corner. And Aloha from the big Island of Hawaii.

big island map

I live at the X. (About the highway 130 Mark)

While we are the biggest island we are a small town. VERY peaceful. There is so many scenic places to visit here. Let me take you on a trip to the Big Island where you can find 11 of the 13 weather climates all in one Island. Where else could you go to the rainforest, then to the each and then go play on the snow on the mountain all in the same day? We have black sand beaches. I sit here and imagine myself walking along this beach in my dress for travel, the Penelope  Karina dress.

Put on a dress for travel to see…

Black Sand Beach

Black sand Beach

  • Gorgeous Sunsets

sun set in hawaii

  • BEAUTIFUL Flowers: Flowers of all colors (Bright colors too shapes and sizes. One of the most popular ones here is called the Bird of Paradise. Our state flower is the yellow hibiscus. Gorgeous right?


  • Rainbows: We have the biggest and the brightest rainbows that I have EVER seen in my entire life. And they happen all the time and even though I have been here for 7 years now I still go into AWE moments when I seen them!
Rain bow

Rainbow side 1

rainbow 2

Rainbow side 2

Being in Hawaii is truly a wonderful thing. The people are awesome, the Hawaiian ways are awesome. Here one younger then yourself (for example I am 40 and someone my kids ages at 18 and 21) would NOT call me Mrs. Wittenhagen they would in fact call me Auntie or those more personal would call me Auntie Dawn and my husband Uncle or Uncle Kelly. Here it is the thing to hug someone and kiss the cheek. I remember once when we first got here someone asked me for something and I gave them a spare that I had and they kissed my cheek. I did NOT know this person so it took me back for a moment. BUT it is what they do here. They have UNO (good) food. If you ever get a chance to eat “Smoked Meat” I totally recommend you to do it cause mmmmm mmmm mmm it is one of my favorites!

smoked meat

One of the hardest things for me since I have moved here is learning to pronounce Hawaiian words. I STILL have troubles. To make it easier (well sort of lol) the Hawaiian alphabet consists of the letters a, e, i, o, u, h, k, l, m, n, p, and w. The vowel sounds are different then they are in the English language (and this is where it gets tough)

A…pronounced as a soft “u” as in but. (not “aw”)
E…pronounced as a soft “e” as in bet. (not “ay”)
I…pronounced as a hard “e” as in beet.
O…pronounced as a hard “o” as in boat.
U…pronounced as a hard “u” as in boot.

Ā = Bought…pronounced as “aw” and extends the sound.
Ē = Bet…and extends the sound.
Ī = Beet…and extends the sound.
Ō = Boat…and extends the sound.
Ū = Boot…and extends the sound.


I could go on and on about Hawaii HOWEVER I will keep that for another post! So A hui hou [ah hoo-ee ho] meaning until we meet again! If you are looking for the perfect dress for travel, head over to our online store and pick out your next favorite!

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